Frequently Asked Questions

Booking information

-We use Punchpass for all class bookings. Access to our schedule is via the Bookings option in the menu

-On Punchpass you will be prompted to create an account. Once set up, you can purchase passes book into classes and courses and manage your own bookings.

-If you are enrolled in a flexible class (casual attendance) and you cannot make your class, please cancel your reservation or move your enrolment at least one hour prior to the class time.

-For classes where casual attendance is permitted, students enrolled when their class begins will be marked as no-show. This will appear as a debit on your pass.

-For students enrolled in a course or intensive i.e. a block of classes, please let your teacher know in advance if you are going to miss a class.

-Makeup class attendance can be arranged in advance for missed classes in courses or intensives) however refunds or credit will be provided only under exceptional circumstances.

How to choose a class

-Students who are new to the school who wish to join a course (Fundamentals, Intermediate or Experienced) should start in a Beginner’s course. For any questions please contact us by email before reserving your place in a class

-General, Women’s, Men’s and Steady & Supported classes can be joined at any time and are suitable for any level of student experience

-For students looking to learn yoga more thoroughly, we suggest enrolling in a course according to the guidelines above and attending every week. Turning up to your class even when you might feel like staying home/something else will help develop capacities that support you and enhance your experience of yoga

Coming to class

– Please book in to your class before attending.

– Please turn up to your class 5-10 minutes before the class start time. This will allow time to settle into the space before the class commences and minimises disturbance to others

– For ZOOM classes, an invitation will be sent 30 minutes prior to class starting.

–  ZOOM attendees should have their camera on and be set up so that they are visible throughout the class. Please remember to mute your microphone.

– It is advisable not to eat anything for 2-3 hours before class. If you must eat, a light snack or cup of tea is okay.

-Please do not drink water through the class

– Please avoid wearing strong perfumes or deodorants when you come to class

– Wear comfortable clothing that is neither too loose nor too tight. T-shirts should ideally be tucked in unless they stay in place when you are going upside down

– Doors open 15 minutes before the class starts

– Please do not wear shoes inside the teaching space

– Remember to switch off your phone or put it on silent when you arrive

– There is storage for your phone, keys etc in the teaching space


-We can supply all equipment for student use, although students are encouraged to bring their own mat if possible


Please let your teacher know if you are menstruating when you come to class. Variations to your sequence or modifications to asana can then be given.


You can continue to attend classes if you become pregnant. Please speak to your teacher so that they are aware of your condition.

Injuries & Medical Conditions

Iyengar yoga teachers are trained to provide alternatives and adjust asanas for injuries and various medical conditions. Minor concerns may often be attended to with minor modifications and it is advisable to let your teacher know of any issues you are working with so that we can offer appropriate supports and alternatives.

For more significant issues, please let us know in advance as this may impact the class/es you can attend. An individual consultation for significant concerns is advisable where serious injury or medical conditions are present.